quinta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2009

Merry Christimas 2009

(to English by Marzo Jr.)

God bless your Christmas!
May He place on the table of your Soul Fine delicacies for you to serve in dishes of light
to all friends that seek you in this special day of our lives and also to the needy that may ring your bell in this day.

May the food blessed by God contain:

FRIENDSHIP that helps you through life.
FRATERNITY to all, with no distinctions.
CHARITY to those needy in physical or spiritual manners.
EQUALITY among Men on all its forms, with due respect to the great human diversity.
PATIENCE to those less gifted.
TOLERANCE with the youth as well as the elderly.
PERSEVERANCE so that each may achieve his goals.
HUMILITY to recognize that we all areImperfect and dependent on each other to live in this planet.
TRUST in God, for He alone matters and everything else is but the path to Him,As long as we find the right trail.
WISDOM to distinguish between necessary and superfluous values.
May you and your guests receive, share and feed the Soul and the Heart.
May God grant you HEALTH, LOVE and FAITH.
A wonderful Family as your Harbor.May God make all your Dreams and Wishes come true.
And may He bless our Friendship.
To you, in friendship.


Merry Christmas, Jesus!

To my friends who walk with me in the search or Infinite Good, thank you.
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Happy 2010!

Angela Togeiro– Belo Horizonte – Brasil

Save Mother Earth, save the Universe, our Home in this dimension.

Peace on Earth 2010

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